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How to change key function on keyboard

To change key function using registry is not safe for most of peploe. By using keyboard remapping tool, you can change key functions in 3 clicks.

1. Change a key with another key

Change a key function with another key to make the keyboard layout more suitable. For example: If you want to change F1 key as the Enter key.
  • Download and install KeyExtender
  • Execute the hotkey assignment software
  • Press F1 in the left input box
  • Press Enter in the right dropdown box
  • Click Change to add the modification and Active.

2. Assign multiple functions to a key:

  • Type frequently used text
  • Launch a file
  • Volume control
  • Turn off monitor
  • Simulate key combination
More fucntons list

Select the hotkey in the left, select the function you need to execute in the right, click Change and Active.

how to change keyboard functions

The software support Windows series OS, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

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