How to customize keyboard keys according to your need

You can customize keyboard layout, language easily in the control panel, but how to customize keyboard keys? Like swap keys, disable keyboard key hitting by accident, adding a macro to one of the key to increase productivity.

The keyboard enhancement tool KeyExtender could help you to customize keyboard keys to make it to your exact individual needs .

1. Remap keys on the keyboard

To customize your keyboard is an easy job when using KeyExtender, if you want to make the "a" key behave like the "b" key, just press A in the left box and tap B in the right box, click Change and then Active.

The remapping active only when KeyExtender is running.

2. Assign macro functions to the keystroke

The multifunction keyboard has many additional function keys like volume control, shutdown, open email, open web browser. KeyExtender allow you to assign not only the function above to your keyboard, but also more functions bellow:

  1. Assign common text inputting to one key.
  2. Assign hot key combination(ctrl+shift+X) to one keystroke
  3. One key press to launch a file
  4. Remap mouse key to keyboard key.

More keyboard customize is available.

3. Disable any key on the keyboard

Many people want to disable the Caps Lock, Insert and Win keys, it's easy to sideswipe the Insert key by mistake when you're tap BackSpace key. KeyExtender can disable key with 3 clicks.


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