How to Disable Capslock and Remap Cap Locks

Hitting the Caps Lock key when typing up an email or writing something can be maddening. Anything cap locks does can be done by the shift key and more efficiently.

The Capslock key is probably not very useful, so today we’ll learn how to disable it or remap Capslock key to something more useful key, like Ctrl, Esc, Win key.

1. Disable CapsLock key on the keyboard

You can use the keyboard remapping tool Key Extender to disable capslock key and any other key easily.

  1. Download and Install Key Extender
  2. Click into the left box and Hit CapsLock
  3. Select DisableKey in the right dropdown box
  4. Click Change and Click Active

make the caps lock disabling

Of course, you can disable Windows key, Insert key etc using the same steps. The disabling is active only when KeyExtender is running.

2. Remap CapsLock to other keyboard key

If you’ve got used to a Solaris, you may have be used to having the Ctrl key(control key) where the cap locks key is on windows keyboard. Or if you are using the laptop, there may be no Windows key on it. you can remap Capslock to any other key.

Steps to swap Control and Caps Lock key

  1. Run Key Extender
  2. Select CapsLock in the left list box
  3. Tap Ctrl key in the right box
  4. Click Change and then Active.

change capslock to control key

The remapping would be done, if you want to change CapsLock to Win key, just press Win key in the right list box.


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