KeyExtender can be very useful to those looking for an efficient keyboard remapping utility

--CNET Editor's review

Do you want to remap keys on the keyboard in just the right way for your particular needs? Do you want to change or customize macro functions keys to boot productivity?

KeyExtender is a keyboard remapping tool which not only allow you to customize keyboard keys, but also help to reduce duplication keyboard operation, and increase productivity on daily computing.

With the remapping keyboard tool, you can

Change shortcut of Windows system and any software;
Remap keys with any other keys;
Customize text shortcut for frequently used text such as account name, email address
Remap a single keystroke to volume shortcut;
Customize eject/close cdrom drive to one key press;
Disable a key(such as win key) and lock keyboard;
Also you can custom a sequence of key combinations such as 'Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V' to one key.

The more you use keyboard remapping tool KeyExtender, the more convenience and efficiency you will find it bring to you, it will help you make good use of each key on the keyboard.

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Screenshot of remapping keyboard tool

Key features

  1. Remap keys or disable a key
  2. Easy to change shortcut pre-defined in software
  3. Remap adjusting volume control to shortcut key
  4. Customize hotkey combination to one key
  5. Custom typing frequently used text to shortcut key
  6. Customize eject/close cdrom drives to shortcut key
  7. Customize shutdown/reset computer to change shortcut key
  8. Multiple keyboard settings for different applications
  9. Lock keyboard while you’re away from your desk
  10. Use multimedia function keys on your common 102 keyboard