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How to setup windows mute shortcut on keyboard

The multi function keyboard has volume key, mute key on it, however how to setup windows mute shortcut on the common keyboard?

The windows os doesn't provide an easy way to achieve this, but using the keyboard remapping tool KeyExtender, you can assign windows mute shortcut easily.

Please follow instruction bellow to assign mute keyboard shortcut in Windows 7/Xp.

  • Download and install KeyExtender
  • Execute the shortcut assignment tool
  • Press the shortcut key for mute in the left box
  • Click and select Mute in the right dropdown box
  • Click Change button and then Active.

If you assign F4 for mute hotkey, after setup, when you press F4, the windows will mute. Also you can setup keyboard volume shortcut easily with KeyExtender.

setup mute keyboard shortcut

The software support Windows series OS, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

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