How to Change Win Key to other keys on the keyboard

When you are playing a game in full screen, and then accidentally hitting the Windows key, this can be irritating, and will most likely get you killed mid-game.

You may want to disable windows key at all or remove the win logo key from keyboard, and now, you have another better choice: change win key to other function key on the keyboard.

The changing is dynamic, you can cancel the transform any time easily by one click without reboot.

Steps to change win key to Volume Up shortcut

KeyExtender is a keyboard remapping tool to disable/change windows key on the keyboard, also you can assign multiple function to the key, like run a program, eject cd rom.

  1. Download and Install KeyExtender
  2. Hits Left Win key in the left input box
  3. Select Volume Up in the right input box
  4. Click Change and then hit Active

change win logo key to volume up

You can try to press windows logo key in game, you would find the game not popup again, instead of it is turning up volume. If you want to stop the changing, just click the Suspend button or Reset the key.

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