How to custom keyboard keys on Windows

If you press a key on a keyboard, and want it to performe a different expected function.Like Then you need to custom keyboard keys, have your keyboard keys mapped in the right way for your particular needs.

You may rather use the Caps Lock key function as the Home key, that means, the Home key would be within reach of the pinky without moving your hands.

KeyExtender is a keyboard remapping tool to custom keyboard keys and gives a boost to productivity. You can remap any key on the keyboard or remap functions like shortcut to turn off monitor, mute shortcut.

KeyExtender could help to getting combine keys like Ctrl-Alt-S mapped to a single key press. with the tool you can also can map function keys on the multi-function keyboard, like Pause/Break, Volume control, key.

Here is example to remap a keys to a combination keys(F1 to Ctrl+S) and custom letter A key to number 8 key on Windows:

custom keyboard key for particular needs.

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