Windows Keyboard Key Remapping Tips

You may have some reasons to do the xp windows keyboard remapping, for instance, your keyboard may have some keys that you do not ever use and which could be mapped to macros to become more useful!

Or you may get used to the keyboard shortcuts on Mac, but have to use Windows PC for working. Are there any ways that we can make the windows key remapping on XP to get as close to Apple's as possible?

There are many tips on how to remap keys with modifying the registry, it turns out that doing so manually is quite complex, however we provide a way for windows keyboard remapping without hacking registry.

Windows Keyboard Remapping Example

Here is an example of windows key remapping, remap CapsLock key to the win key, as some of laptops doesn't have win key on it, after remapping, the CapsLock key act like the windows key.

  1. Download and Install keyboard tool KeyExtender
  2. Hits CapsLock key in the left
  3. Select Left Win in the right dropdown box
  4. Click Change and Click Active to apply

remap caps lock to win key

When you tap the CapsLock key, the star menu would popup. of course, you can remap other multimedia functions to your keyboard key, which comes great to control the media player. For example: assign shortcut to turn off monitor, setup shortcut to shutdown, to make use of each keys on your keyboard and increase productivity.

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