How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts or Redefine Keys

There are many useful keyboard shortcuts in windows, also many software like Word, IE, Excel have their own shortcuts, at the same time, they allow you to define keyboard shortcuts for your own.

However, some program doesn't support redefine keys, like power point, you get tired of going through the menu to click the specific command.

In this situation, KeyExtender can help to define your own keyboard shortcut to make that process fast and without using it from menu.
With the remapping keyboard tool, you can

  • Redefine keys position on the keyboard
  • Assign one keystroke for key combination
  • Define keyboard shortcut to launch a file
  • Create shortcut to turn off monitor
  • More pre-defined functions are available

The following is a sample of redefining A key to the number 7 key, and defining F1 to the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.

define keyboard shortcuts and key combination

This define keyboard shortcuts software support Windows series OS, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

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